Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Craig Percival On IMTalk

It wasn't lost on me that I focused a lot of attention on Craig Percival's race in Canada, even while Dave Matheson set a course record. But it was obvious early on that Dave had put his race together as methodically as a James Bond villain plotting world domination. If I'd known about him a couple of years earlier, I think I'd have written a book just about his training process. He worked hard in that race, to be sure, but his suffering had all taken place months before. Craig had to bury himself the whole time just to keep up. The thing of it was that he just kept on burying himself. Even 300 miles deep into the effort, he kept finding ways to go deeper into himself. Most guys reach a point where they can't throw the dirt up high enough for it to get out of the hole and just hit their limit. Craig didn't. I was blown away by what he forced himself to do. It was great prep for Hawaii, because I could tell later on from the look on Christian Isakson's face that he was doing the same thing. Watching Craig allowed me the intuition that I needed to stick around Christian a little bit more, and for that reason I probably owe him the best photograph I took of the entire race. I'll share that tomorrow.

In the meantime, here's an interview Craig recently gave to a triathlon podcast. I think it's great when you can find these people you've read about in a book and either see or hear them. They're not just characters. They're real people, and I hope you find them as fascinating as I do. Keep in mind just how cordial Craig is. He is truly what Steve King would call a "gentle gentleman." Just don't challenge him to a race. He will cordially blow you out of the water.

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